The teachers of Vagdevi Vilas Institutions lead by example. They are driven with passion for teaching and are committed to the profession which they have taken by choice. They have been chosen with utmost care and parameters of educational background, subject expertise, experience and dedication.

The teachers at all levels of learning are trained and possess vast experience in their respective fields. They constantly strive towards inculcating a sense of discipline and steady learning among the students. Teachers at Vagdevi Vilas Institutions not only motivate students to learn, but teach them how to learn & do that in a manner that is relevant, meaningful and memorable.

At Vagdevi, we recognize that all students have different strengths, aptitudes, interests and areas for development. The teachers incorporate extension and enhancement activities into the curriculum to stretch, challenge and intrigue the students.

Regular enrichment programs, orientation and training sessions by eminent educationalists & scientists enable and strengthen the teaching capabilities of teachers and acquaint them with new ideas and development which in turn help them gain better subject knowledge.

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At Vagdevi Vilas School, future generation is moulded into passionate leaders, upright patriots, inquisitive learners, wise decision makers and compassionate human beings. Read More ..

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