Pre – School Education is the first stepping stone in the educational ladder of a child’s life.

Pre-Primary Education is diversified learning environment that provides sufficient learning opportunities which facilitates children to develop through play, meaningful life experiences, as well as sensory, exploratory and interesting activities. Activities are designed, keeping in mind, the need to incorporate multiple intelligences through which children’s holistic development can be fostered.

Montessori Methodology
The basic principle of the Montessori philosophy of education is that all children carry within themselves, the person they will become. It strives to educate each child acquire self-esteem and positive attitude towards learning. The environment is prepared by the facilitator which encourages independence, freedom within limits and sense of order. Montessori students learn through sensory motor activities, working with materials that develop their cognitive power through direct experience.

Kindergarten Methodology

The aim of the Kindergarten Education is to nurture children to attain all-round development in the domains of ethics, intellect, physique, social skills and aesthetics in order to lay the foundation for their future learning. At Kindergarten, children learn the best by hands on experience, discovery and play way method. Through monthly themes and weekly learning objectives, children learn basic concepts. The Kindergarten environment is an on-going cycle of observing children, guiding and facilitating their learning and assessing their progress.

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At Vagdevi Vilas School, future generation is moulded into passionate leaders, upright patriots, inquisitive learners, wise decision makers and compassionate human beings.

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