The Learning Curriculum

An education of the highest quality is the greatest gift that parents can give to their children.

At Vagdevi, we believe that the purpose of the school is to be a learning community where students share the search of knowledge & pursuit for excellence.

The curriculum at Vagdevi is tailored to meet the needs of today’s learners and is sensitive to different learning styles. We believe that children need not always be taught to do things; instead, they should be encouraged to explore, discover and learn by reflection under the guidance of teachers.

We aim to provide a curriculum which:

  • is broad and balanced.
  • is challenging and inspiring.
  • is inclusive and designed to meet the needs of the individuals.
  • enables students to fulfil their potential and reach the highest possible level of academic success.
  • encourages high aspirations.
  • equips students with knowledge and necessary skills.
  • promotes self-confidence, perseverance and self-discipline.
  • develops students as creative and independent learners.
  • helps students to be happy and secure in their learning environment.
  • provides significant cross-curricular and extra-curricular activities.

At Vagdevi, we stand by the approach of interactive teaching. The curriculum is focused on facilitating concept based practical approach to learning with varied and exciting range of subjects designed to meet the needs of all students and help them reach their full potential.

About us

At Vagdevi Vilas School, future generation is moulded into passionate leaders, upright patriots, inquisitive learners, wise decision makers and compassionate human beings.


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