Chairman’s Message

Dear Parent,

A warm welcome to Vagdevi Vilas Family, welcome to the launchpad, exclusively designed to unveil and unleash all the hidden potentials and talents of your child and usher him into the orbit of success and a purposeful life.

Every parent has a big dream for one’s own child. All their dreams and hopes are circled around their child. We, at Vagdevi Vilas School, very humbly acknowledge and honour the aspirations and dreams of the parents with respect to their little ones.

We strongly believe that the role of a school is not just limited to impart literacy. School is the centre stage for every child to perform and transform into a person and personality, into a human with humanity which develops all round personality in a holistic way, which encompasses the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual quotients and the personality quotient. A good school should inspire the child and make him aspire all the possibilities of life.

We believe in the words of Swami Vivekananda – “Education is the manifestation of the perfection already existing in man.  Just like a seed has in it all the talents and details to grow into a full sized plant and yield flowers and fruits, just like a caterpillar has in it a beautiful butterfly, every student is actually the most potential personality and a future leader, presented to us in the form of a child. It is our proud privilege to nurture the innate talents, inspire the young mind, create a beautiful, conducive atmosphere for the natural growth and development and make the schooling of your child a joyful and blissful experience.

We, at Vagdevi Vilas School are driven with passion and guided by values. We have a great team of Motivated and Dedicated teachers and teacher leaders, who have taken up the noble cause of imparting “Education beyond academic excellence.” We believe that education is not for making a living, but education is for life and education itself is life.

Vagdevi Vilas School extends a warm welcome to you and your child. We thank you for this opportunity of shaping a responsible and patriotic citizen. We shall together build your child’s TODAY; your child will build Mother India’s ‘TOMORROW.’

Sri K Harish
Chairman, Vagdevi Vilas Institutions
(Former Scientist, ISRO)