Education aims at opening the mind and not just filling it with facts and figures. Our curriculum is meticulously planned to bring out the best in every child. It gives scope for development of imaginative, logical, analytical, critical, creative thinking and effective communication skills. It is systematically planned in line with CBSE guidelines. The learning environment in the classroom is organised to ensure that the children have the opportunity to work individually, in groups and as a class, make decisions; work co-operatively; solve problems; be creative; discuss their ideas; develop social skills; develop independence; take initiative; receive support and achieve excellence in academics.

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At Vagdevi Vilas School, future generation is moulded into passionate leaders, upright patriots, inquisitive learners, wise decision makers and compassionate human beings.

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Sy No. 91/1, 92/2, 92/3 Kannamangala,
Whitefield, Bengaluru – 560 067
Phone:  8050035850

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