In today’s era, education is linked to the holistic development of the children. Keeping this is in mind, our school, Vagdevi Vilas, Whitefield, on 11-03-2023 (Saturday)conducted an exhibition – Gyanonnathi – The Path Towards Progress, showcasing the various talents of the students. The exhibition was held on the school premises and was inaugurated by our beloved chairman Sri. K Harish.

The exhibition featured the students’ creative works such as working models and 3D shapes in Science, Mathematics, and Social Science. It was aimed to make their learning relevant and tangible by celebrating their knowledge, skills, and experience with a larger audience. This exhibition was also to develop in students a more scientific attitude towards problems and challenges that they face in life.

The students were very enthusiastic and excited to explain and show case their work. Overall, the exhibition was a great success, and it was a wonderful way for the students to showcase their talents, make students more confident, creative, future-ready course learners for life and for the school to recognise the students’ achievements. It gave the students a sense of accomplishment and pride in their work and the positive feedback from the visitors was overwhelming. It was also a great opportunity for the parents to get to know their children’s talents better.

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